[Mono-bugs] [Bug 661996] Hexadecimal NumericUpDown control only accepts the digits 0-9

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--- Comment #5 from Thomas Goldstein <stifu at free.fr> 2011-01-16 10:22:30 UTC ---
Making some progress.

I noticed that in my tests, if I set the Value of the NumericUpDown beforehand,
then all tests pass except the 4th one. Weird, again.

And in the UpdateEditText method of the NumericUpDown class, I see that if I
comment out the "ChangingText = true;" line, then tests pass.
But then, that doesn't really sound like the right fix, else ChangingText is
never true. For the record, ChangingText originates from UpDownBase, and is
evaluated in OnTextBoxTextChanged, which can then set the value of UserEdit to

The right fix might be to set ChangingText to false after the Text has been
updated, at the bottom of the UpdateEditText method. But if that's the case,
then the OnTextBoxTextChanged method of UpDownBase may need to be changed too,
as ChangingText will never be true there (I think), so the condition could be
removed... Unless multiple threads update the control, in which case
ChangingText could be true then? I don't know if that's possible or a supported

To sum things up, I'm not sure what I'm doing, and would like to hear people's
opinion on this. Meanwhile, I guess I could still push the first half of the
fix (using base 16 to convert the text to value).

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