[Mono-bugs] [Bug 664800] SerialPort incorrect handling of high speed baud rate

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--- Comment #1 from Bill Chiu <atom at undefinedsymbol.com> 2011-01-16 04:12:45 UTC ---
A possible fix is to first set the baud rate to 921600 from C#/Mono, keep the
program running a loop, meanwhile, using another C program to change the baud
rate to 921600 using the struct termios and cfsetispeed(&termiosvar, B921600),
cfsetospeed(&termiosvar, B921600), and tcsetattr(ttyFid, TCSANOW, &termiosvar)
similar to what's presented on
in the "Setting Baud Rate to 921.6kbps" section.

After that, c#/mono program will talk over 921600 baud rate correctly with
devices that require this high baud rate.

It is also conceivable for C# code to Interop C code that modified termios in
the same way..

Would prefer a real fix if possible.

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