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--- Comment #5 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com> 2011-01-10 03:11:01 UTC ---
In r9062, aresgen implements the suggestion in Expected Result #1 (Names such
as Attributes, Layouts, Strings, Identifiers for types), though the type names
are singular, not plural (Attribute, Layout, etc.).

(2) is very likely not going to happen, because it doesn't feel right and
because it kills grep.  (Specifically, assume you know you have a resource file
named foo_bar.  You would expect that grepping recursively for foo_bar would
find all references, but if we PascalCase this to FooBar...well, you've killed
the usefulness of grep.  Add in the potential for conflicting names, and this
really doesn't sound good.

(3) might be plausible since aresgen now parses the java sources instead of
`aapt` output, but I don't know how feasible this actually is, and it's
unlikely to land by 1.0.

(4) is absolutely not landing by 1.0.

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