[Mono-bugs] [Bug 661750] Setting value of hexadecimal NumericUpDown control to 0 crashes Mono runtime

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--- Comment #5 from Oliver Thimm <oliver.thimm at web.de> 2011-01-03 04:30:46 UTC ---
The limitation to Int32 boundaries was no typo but from memory I didn't refer
exactly to it. The sentence is in the remarks section of the .NET documentation
to the Hexadecimal property of an NumericUpDown control
and says:

"When the Hexadecimal property is set to true, the Maximum property should be
set to Int32.MaxValue and the Minimum property should be set to

I checked the .NET implementation for this limitation. You get no exception if
you extend the maximum to e.g. Int64.MaxValue. The hexadecimal value is
formated with 16 digits. One is able to increase a positive value above
Int32.MaxValue with the incrementor arrow but it's not possible to insert a
value directly in the text box which exceeds the Int32.MaxValue/Int32.MinValue

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