[Mono-bugs] [Bug 674580] An exception is thrown when trying to read UTF-16-encoded XML files

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--- Comment #3 from Ben Lincoln <fanart at thelostworlds.net> 2011-02-25 16:30:23 UTC ---
OK. Here is a barebones project (including a compiled version) that *only*
reads XML files using the same method as the full project I mentioned
previously. It includes all of the schema and XML files necessary to reproduce
the problem:


If you run the compiled executable using this syntax:

mono ./UTF16XMLExample.exe

..you should see a bunch of output similar to:

Exception while reading '/home/blincoln/XML/XML/Output-TIFF_8.xml' using schema
'/home/blincoln/XML/XSD/Schema-TransformationProfiles.xsd': a name did not
start with a legal character -1 (�)  Line 1, position 2.

When I pipe the output to a text file, vi displays the "unprintable" character
as <ffff>, which I believe is the magic number at the beginning of UTF-16 XML


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