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[Posting again, as it seems my comment here some days ago didn't make it :\)

Regarding killing activities:

It's not possible to straightforward use 'kill' to stop the activities -since
it's only working on the emulator, but not on the actual devices, as a
permission error is reported-, nor *any* command line tool to force them to

Eclipse is actually stopping them when debugging, but it seems they are using a
special helper mechanism/hook.

For the track: kangaroo mentioned they may be using jwdp to kill it, mentioning
this from the reference: "Changing either the application being debugged or the
"Wait for debugger" option causes the system to kill the selected application
if it is currently running. You can use this to kill your application if it is
in a bad state by simply going to the settings and toggling the checkbox."

Other options include jpobst's suggestion to make our runtime listen for a
broadcasted intent, and mhutch's idea of adding a secret activity to every app
built in debug mode that kills the app when run.

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