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--- Comment #5 from Matthew Groves <webmaster at mgroves.com> 2011-02-12 16:24:33 UTC ---

Thank you for looking into this.  There were basically two things going wrong
for me:

- When using FileHelpers.dll, I got the DirectoryNotFoundException
- After removing FileHelpers, when using TinyIoC, I got the

I was able to workaround these issues by removing FileHelpers as a reference,
and using a different, simpler IoC framework.

I'm pleased to say that after installing Preview 12, BOTH of those problems
seem to be resolved.  If this is a satisfactory resolution for you (it is for
me), then feel free to close the bug :)  If you are concerned about regression,
I can put together a couple of minimal sample projects (though I can't produce
the error anymore now that I have preview 12 installed).

Thank you for taking a look at my stock portfolio project.  I apologize for the
reference snafu, and I will be correcting it.

You guys are doing great work, I can't wait for the official release :)


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