[Mono-bugs] [Bug 632405] Improve I*Listener to delegate support within generator.exe

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--- Comment #4 from Peter Johanson <peter at peterjohanson.com> 2011-02-08 03:14:44 UTC ---
A similar issue (which I can open a separate bug for if you'd like), is the
missing "C# event API" for ISurfaceHolder. Currently, you have to implement
ISurfaceHolderCallback, and usee ISurfaceHolder.AddCallback, instead of being
able to do:

ISurfaceHolder holder = surface.Holder;
holder.SurfaceCreated += (o,e) => C.WL ("Created");
holder.SurfaceDestroyed += (o,e) => C.WL ("Created");
holder.SurfaceChanged += (o,e) => C.WL ("Created");

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