[Mono-bugs] [Bug 632510] Enhancement: Allow Default Device to be set

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--- Comment #14 from Joseph Hill <jhill at novell.com> 2011-02-07 14:39:36 UTC ---
Okay, I know you wanted it in the wild a bit first, but having played with it I
feel comfortable suggesting the following:

1) The "Select Device" dialog should have a checkbox labeled: 
"Always select device before running".  It can default to checked, but we
should persist the "checked" state across Visual Studio sessions.
2) If that box is not checked, when the user selects a device we will use that
device without showing the dialog.  We should not persist the selected device
across sessions - meaning that Visual Studio should always show the "Select
Device" dialog on the first run after Visual Studio is started / restarted.
3) To address the issue from Comment 12 (c), let's add a "Start Debugging on
Device..." menu item to the Debug menu that will show the "Select Device"
dialog before an app is run/debugged.  It would be nice if (3) could be bound
to Shift+F5 or Alt-F5 (or whatever F5-combination we can use).

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