[Mono-bugs] [Bug 669519] Crash when using 64-bit Mono, works with 32-bit

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Sat Feb 5 13:28:46 EST 2011



--- Comment #5 from Kari Takanen <refic at psimerion.org> 2011-02-05 18:28:45 UTC ---
Well, I'll add that you can surely make it process the work units faster by
setting more workers and open URL buckets from Options (I guess you already
managed to set up the web GUI). See "Max number of async workers" and "Max
number of open URL buckets at any given time" in Options. If you have a few
megabytes of bandwidth, you can start by setting both to about 100. Please note
that the program will use more bandwidth and that you need to restart it after
changing those values.

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