[Mono-bugs] [Bug 669519] Crash when using 64-bit Mono, works with 32-bit

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Fri Feb 4 13:51:25 EST 2011



--- Comment #2 from Kari Takanen <refic at psimerion.org> 2011-02-04 18:51:24 UTC ---
Well, I've never used gdb and I didn't get anything useful out of it, but I'll
keep playing with it. Meanwhile, if you want to, here's an unpacked version of
the apport crash report: http://refic.psimerion.org/crash.tar.gz (~17MB) - it
contains files like "Stacktrace" and "ThreadStacktrace" which may or may not
help you.

The version I got the apport report with is Mono 2.6.7, default Ubuntu 10.10
install, but I tested a daily build just a couple of days ago and the problem
is still there. I've also tried 2.8 series and it's there.

Please let me know if there's more I can do to help you.

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