[Mono-bugs] [Bug 695752] sqlite breaking on building a datareader after many calls (randomly)

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--- Comment #5 from james scheibel <j_scheibel at hotmail.com> 2011-08-29 18:58:22 UTC ---
That would certainly explain it.

ya, the error was always involved
"Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand.BuildNextCommand()"  which is mentioned in the
link. Although it's worth mentioning I've tried disposing my command objects
(along with readers) after use and it didn't make the problem go away. I could
be missing something. but I'm only using 1 database object for all access so
things should be pretty cut and dry. 

All that said, I'm sorry I haven't provided a log of the actual event
occurring. But, my work around of destroying the connection and reconnecting
seems to have fixed the issue. which i introduced when I wrote this bug.  So, I
haven't had it occur since I opened the original issue. I'm doing it with great
regularity, something like every 40 operations. I AM reusing the command object
for nonquery operations at this point. But only since I'm doing the database
object recycling. So it, of course, gets disposed before the object gets

I could remove the open/close code, and use the program till it happens again.
but as it was intermittent enough that, it would be tedious. And, it sounds
like I'm about the only one out there doing this sort of thing (at least to
this degree). 

I've actually had the game in the app store which produced this for 2 months
now. And have had no complaints so i guess between the link shared and my work
around. there isn't anything to do right now. my next game wont make such
extensive use of the database. :)

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