[Mono-bugs] [Bug 709292] Debugging causes MonoDevelop to hangs - intermittent.

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--- Comment #3 from Garth Tissington <gtissington at gmail.com> 2011-08-03 19:19:50 UTC ---
Yesterday I tried to upload the sample project but I think it is too big. 
Bugzilla keeps crashing while uploading.

I sent the info directly to Miguel de Icaza in the following e-mail.

No I have also shared the google doc file with kumpera at xamarin.com.

please contact me directly via e-mail if you need more info.


I have tried to add a new confidentional issure report as requested.  However,
bugzilla is crashing all the time.

So, I uploaded the source to google docs and I've shared it with you
(miguel at xamarin.com)

To reproduce the problem:
In MonoDevelop:
- Run/Exception
- Add all exception to the right hand box
- Debug on the simulator (same result on the device)

In the iSnap app on the simulator
- Tap Import Sample data
- this will create new project called sample data
- Tap the project called "SampleData"

The debugger should open on the exception (IndeoxOutOfRange) [fyi: the
exception is expected here]
instead, on my machine at least. mono develop will hang and only "Force Quit"
can fix the problem. 

The same result comes from placing breakpoints.

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