[Mono-bugs] [Bug 688030] Using a System.Threading.Timer in a Cocoa app (MonoMac or Monobjc) crashes on shutdown

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Sat Apr 30 18:14:55 EDT 2011



--- Comment #7 from marc hoffman <mh at elitedev.com> 2011-04-30 22:14:49 UTC ---
new info: it seems that things other than the timer can cause this, too. we
reworked our code to not use the timer but a background thread we manage
ourselves, and that fixes the "simple" test case. but our app (which is a
rather complex server app) still frequently crashes on shutdown, although less
consistently. i get the feeling (although i'm not 100% convinced) that it (now,
with the GTimer eliminated) makes a difference whether my server accepted
incoming TCP connection or not, whether it crashes when being quit.

my gut feeling is that the use of the Timer just triggered one possible cause
for the underlying problem.

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