[Mono-bugs] [Bug 691051] MonoMac packager fails on built in MonoMac template project.

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Sat Apr 30 17:24:12 EDT 2011



--- Comment #3 from Joel Edström <joel.edstrom at gmail.com> 2011-04-30 21:24:12 UTC ---
I tried the MDK at first, but MonoDevelop wouldn't even launch with that
installed. It turns out the MDK installer didn't create the Current link in

And after manually having created that link all fonts looked like crap in
MonoDevelop, then I decided to go with the MRE.

Anyway I'm gonna test this again with the new build(2.10.2_5.4) of the MDK with
the fixed postflight script. But somehow i doubt it's gonna fix this, since If
i remember correctly I had the same problem with Mono 2.10.1 (unfortunatly
didn't have time to write up a bug report at that time). I suspect it may be
related to only having Xcode4 installed.

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