[Mono-bugs] [Bug 688007] WebClient.OpenRead() fails when trying to access an anonymous ftp site

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--- Comment #4 from QuickJack . <test051102 at hotmail.com> 2011-04-26 23:08:03 UTC ---
I have built Mono and MonoDevelop from git master. Unfortunately, this had
crashed my whole Mono installation. After having fixed the issue, I tested the
current implementation.

WebClient.OpenRead() is still not working and throws an exception in
FtpWebRequest.set_Credentials "Argument cannot be null". However, explicitly
setting the credentials before calling WebClient.OpenRead() works.

When accessing a password protected ftp site, credentials must also be set
prior to calling WebClient.OpenRead(). It does not work in case the credentials
are supplied via the url (like ftp://username:password@myftpsite.com).

Another problem arises when setting up a system proxy to access the internet.
In this case, Mono notoriously tries to connect to proxy:21 when accessing an
anonymous ftp site. But my proxy port is 3128!

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