[Mono-bugs] [Bug 641935] Select XmlNodeList from parent XmlNode returns emply list in mono but not .net

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--- Comment #1 from Atsushi Enomoto <aenomoto at novell.com> 2011-04-21 08:09:04 UTC ---
When I added a debug line like below in ConfigSectionHandler.cs:

            configSettingList = section.SelectNodes("//configSetting");
System.Console.Error.WriteLine ("!!! {0} {1} [{2}] {3}", section.NodeType,
on.Name, section.NamespaceURI, configSettingList.Count);

NET printed: !!! Element DataAccessSettings [] 3
Mono printed: !!! Element DataAccessSettings
[http://schemas.microsoft.com/.NetConfiguration/v2.0] 0

this means, .NET's System.Configuration.dll treats xmlns as if it does not
exist while Mono preserves it.

This behavioral difference affects XmlNode.SelectNodes() expression
interpreter. Any XPath queries against nodes that with xml namespaces must be
prefixed. XPath expression "//configSetting" is to query "configSetting"
element with *no* namespace URI.

A desired fix is to use namespace-eliminating XmlReader in

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