[Mono-bugs] [Bug 685267] <asp:TreeView> PostBack problem

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--- Comment #1 from QuickJack . <test051102 at hotmail.com> 2011-04-11 18:12:58 UTC ---
I guess that there are more than one bug involved.

Actually, there seems to be a problem with the LinkButton. If the TreeView is
completely removed from the sample project, it can still be proven that the
sole presence of the LinkButton on Page.aspx causes the PostBack operation to
fail. In this case, the "PostItBack!" button needs to be pressed. In detail,
it's the PostBackUrl property of the LinkButon. If the value of this property
is set to a non empty string, the page is not posted back correctly. The
Page.IsPostBack property is always false and the Page.PreviousPage always
points to Default.aspx.

As a result, the very usful LinkButton cannot be used under Mono 2.10.1 for
cross page posting. I am sure that this bug will cause many ASP.NET
applications to fail in Mono 2.10.1 that are working in .NET Framework without
problems. If this bug is fixed, my original example might work without further

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