[Mono-bugs] [Bug 668386] [post] Should allow reporting items which were ignored without affecting the final exitCode

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--- Comment #5 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com> 2011-04-03 16:37:49 UTC ---
Here's the pseudo-script:

# one time only

# create the base line defects (the original sins ;-) on your code
gendarme --xml base-defects.xml yourcode.dll
gd2i base-defects.xml baseline.list

# on the build bots

# run gendarme using your own manual 'cant-be-fixed' list on your code
# e.g. copy-pasted (and commented) entries from reviewed baseline.list defects
# defects.xml will include all (old and new) fixable defects
gendarme --ignore cant-be-fixed.list --xml defects.xml yourcode.dll

# post-process the result defects.xml to remove the baseline (gd2i) list
# simply remove baseline.list from defects.xml and create a new file
# here 'postprocess' works on a (hopefully much ;-) smaller scale than gendarme
postprocess defects.xml baseline.list > final-defects.xml

# produce the HTML pages from the xml output (e.g. using gendarme provided
xsltproc ... defects.xml > fixable-defects.html
xsltproc ... final-defects.xml > new-defects.html

# total execution time should be pretty good (better than including postprocess
logic into gendarme itself)
# actually even more since you avoid gendarme's (quite slow) --html
transformation :)

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