[Mono-bugs] [Bug 640673] <activity> icon needs to be copied to the proxy

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--- Comment #1 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com> 2010-09-21 13:36:16 UTC ---
Obvious follow-up: is there anything else that needs to be copied from the
original <activity/> to the proxy <activity/>?

//activity/@android:enabled should probably be copied as well, and possibly
//activity/@android:excludeFromRecents, //activity/@android:launchMode
(maybe?), and //activity/@android:screenOrientation.

Feedback appreciated.

//activity element documentation:

I don't think //activity/meta-data needs to be copied (as per the docs it
allows querying the data from e.g. Bundle.getInt(), which the proxy won't

//activity/intent-filter I'm less sure about.  Android can't launch non-proxy
Activities directly (we need the Proxy to init the mono runtime, etc.), and
//intent-filter is there to "declare[] the capabilities of its parent
component...open[ing] the component to receiving intents of the advertised
type, while filtering out those that are not meaningful for the component."


This leads me to believe that *ALL* //intent-filter elements should be copied
to the proxy's //activity (and quite likely REMOVED from the original

Feedback appreciated.

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