[Mono-bugs] [Bug 579837] System.Configuration.Save() method throws an exception when trying to add an authorization section to an existing Web.config

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Hi Miguel,

thanks for your detailed answer.

Let me explain what I am doing with System.Configuration.Save(). I have created
a web portal which allows to control a number of custom web applications. The
portal extensively uses ASP.NET’s security features. Of course, detailed user
information is stored in a database using ASP.NET’s default scheme.

This web portal has an admin area which lists all applications that are
accessible from the portal. Each application’s rights can be adjusted to
control which user is allowed to run which applications. As a result, there is
no more need to manually change configuration files.

Currently I have created 5 independent applications which are controlled from
my portal. All of these applications have been designed to be compatible to
Linux/ Mono. The system is running under WinXP + Apache 2.2/ mod_aspdotnet.
There are absolutely no problems with this setup. Of course there are a bunch
of people which are using this system concurrently inside of an intranet. There
are lot’s of roles and users.

If several administrators would log in and try to change an application’s
security settings at the same time, this might cause problems. But this case
will propably never happen.

But anyway, it should be possible to change a given web.config file’s
<authorization> section. This is all I want to do. It works in Windows/ .Net so
it should ideally also work in Linux/ Mono. But Mono’s Save() method always
throws an exception when .Net’s Save() method does not!

Tomorrow, I will prepare a test project and append this to the bug as a test

Best regards,

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