[Mono-bugs] [Bug 637680] Running console or GTK apps remotely results in stack trace

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Thu Sep 9 20:27:58 EDT 2010



--- Comment #12 from Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> 2010-09-10 00:27:57 UTC ---
This is my new test for the test suite:

// This was the 2.8 showstopper error
test_shell_argv4 ()
    GError *error;
    gint argc;
    gchar **argv;
    gboolean ret;

    argv = NULL;
    argc = 0;
    error = NULL;
    ret = g_shell_parse_argv ("'/usr/bin/gnome-terminal' -e \"bash -c 'read -p
\\\"Press any key to continue...\\\" -n1;'\"", &argc, &argv, &error);
    if (!ret)
        return FAILED ("1. It should return TRUE");
    if (argc != 3)
        return FAILED ("2. argc was %d", argc);
    if (argv == NULL)
        return FAILED ("3. argv[0] was NULL");
    if (error != NULL)
        return FAILED ("4. error was set");

    if (strcmp (argv [0], "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal"))
        return FAILED ("5. Expected /usr/bin/gnome-terminal got %s", argv [0]);
    if (strcmp (argv [1], "-e"))
        return FAILED ("6. Expected -e, got: %s", argv [1]);
    if (strcmp (argv [2], "bash -c 'read -p \"Press any key to continue...\"
        return FAILED ("7. Got unexpected result: %s\n", argv [2]);

    return OK;

With the current patch on SVN, it breaks this test:

g_shell_parse_argv ("hola      \"\n\\'bola\"", &argc, &argv, &error);

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