[Mono-bugs] [Bug 648700] When compiling, I got Error CS8088: Your .NET Runtime does not support `PE32Plus'. Please use the latest Mono runtime instead. (CS8088)

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--- Comment #11 from Michael Hutchinson <mhutchinson at novell.com> 2010-10-27 00:34:19 UTC ---
FWIW, here's some background about the arch targeting:

Generally you should target AnyCPU - this the the default for most project
types, and means it will run with the default VM. You should only need to use
explicit architecture targets on .NET if
*  your C# code is actually differs between the architectures - if so you're
probably doing something wrong.
* your C# code depends on P/Invoking native libraries only available on one

VS defaults to targetting x86 in new executable projects because
* Windows x64 has both x86 and x64 VMs.
* Most users don't actually need x64, it just wastes memory.
* A lot of old Windows P/Invokes only work on x86.

MD does the same, for compatibility.

Note that Mono doesn't respect the arch flag, it just treats them as AnyCPU and
always runs with the default VM.

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