[Mono-bugs] [Bug 647990] New random crashes, timeouts and bad performance in asp.net with 2.8.x branch

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--- Comment #5 from José Antonio Sánchez Lázaro <jasl at darcysoft.es> 2010-10-20 14:02:32 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> To speed this process up, would it be possible to:
> (a) Create a smaller test case that reproduces the problem?
> (b) If not possible, can you give us your ASP.NET code that you are trying to
> run and the steps necessary to reproduce?

Hi Miguel,
There is a lot of code, I'll try to create a smaller test case when I have time
(a few days). The current application requires database structure, membership,
a certain folder structure, http modules... a lot of things. But it seems to
fail in things simple redirection to an image from an httpmodule. Maybe I could
reproduce it.

> It seems like you are mixing your Mono components from released source and Git,
> any reason for that?
I'm not mixing, It was a desperate try to find where was the problem ;)
I compiled all sources from the same release. 

> What operating system/version are you running this on?
It's a Linux Centos 5.5, HTTPD 2.2.3 AMD64  kernel 2.6.18

> Why not run the official packages?   Why not run from the official tarballs?

I tried the official packages (2.8 tarballs) but when them failed, I tried to
compile from the git.

Marek, I misstyped, I compiled it with --enable-debug, passed to mod_mono's
configure script (./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-debug) and still there was
no info. The only way I get more info was runnin mono with --verbose, but that
was a huge info, unable to see what is important.

I'll try to recreate the situation and make more tests and try to remove all
the unneeded code to get the minimal to reproduce the bug, but I must wait at
least to the weekend to have time. 


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