[Mono-bugs] [Bug 605033] program crashes if the App.conf contains the <sharedListeners> section.

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--- Comment #2 from Peter Bukva <matrixcruiser at gmail.com> 2010-10-17 03:54:21 UTC ---
Solution for this bug is really important for our project, and I believe for
others too.

Our project needs to work cross platforms -> it works with NO issues on MS
NET, but the bug is popping up when running on Mono .NET - the bug seems to be
platforms independent (I tested it on Linux amd64 (Debian) and Mac OS Snow

We uses exclusively MSDN & standardized practices when using .NET framework
components (avoiding all platform dependent stuff like calling pinoke(...) ....
) to be sure we do not cross over the boundary of cross-platform portability,
so I'm confident the bug is caused by Mono .NET implementation.

The bug shows just top of the hill of issue related to Mono implementation of
System.Diagnostics ...

Basically, the System.Diagnostics namespace is VERY, VERY important since it is
supposed to serves in critical stages like bugs detection or creating auditing
records + the namespace also defines unified way how to do such stuff + it is
supposed to be thread safe + it is highly configurable at runtime + many other
reasons why to use this official component and do not implement own project
proprietary diagnostics component.

This bug is making System.Diagnostics almost unusable for cross-platform

But, as it is mentioned before, this is just most critical issue I found for
System.Diagnostics implementation in Mono , there more buggy stuff in there
(but not causing the app. crash).

My investigation is point shoved (a months ago) that this issue is caused by
stack overflow ... but the situation could change during till now ...


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