[Mono-bugs] [Bug 606002] ssl certificate error

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Sun Oct 3 16:53:56 EDT 2010



--- Comment #5 from Bassam Tabbara <bassam at symform.com> 2010-10-03 20:53:53 UTC ---
OK thanks and sorry for the confusion. I was building form the 2.6.7 branch
since its the LTS version as I understand it. I should probably build out of
2.6 branch instead, do you recommend that?

Also any reason why SevicePointManager.CheckCertificateRevocationList is not
honored in the default validation policy. I would have to use the
MONO_X509_REVOCATION_MODE environment variable. I expected that setting
SevicePointManager.CheckCertificateRevocationList would have an effect on the
validation policy.

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