[Mono-bugs] [Bug 655380] String switch statement 2x slower if compared to simple list of if statements

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Tue Nov 23 13:20:33 EST 2010



--- Comment #17 from Zoltan Varga <vargaz at gmail.com> 2010-11-23 18:20:32 UTC ---
On my tegra, the timings are:

Switch 2910
If 566

The hash table based implementation does lots of work under the hood:
- it makes a couple of method calls instead of the approximately 1-2 calls the
  if based implementation does
- it computes the hash code of the input string which is not very fast, even on
- it iterates over the hash table
- it does a final string comparison on the item found in the hash table

So this will be slower on all architectures, it just happens to be much slower
on arm.

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