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--- Comment #2 from Jan Frost <frost at spielberg.de> 2010-11-10 16:19:08 UTC ---
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Little MonoTouch tse application to reproduce the issue.

I created a little asp.net web service on our server with a web function doing
the following:

  <WebMethod()> _
  Public Function GetDataSet(ByVal TableName As String) As DataSet
    Dim dsTest As New DataSet("MonoTouchTest")
    Dim dtTest As New DataTable(TableName)
    dtTest.Columns.Add("Value1", GetType(String))
    dtTest.Columns.Add("Value2", GetType(String))
    Dim drNew As DataRow = dtTest.NewRow
    drNew!Value1 = "Row1Value1"
    drNew!Value2 = "Row1Value2"
    Return dsTest
  End Function

I attached a little MonoTouch sample application that will access this web
service to reproduce the error.
Try typing 'Test' as the table name and press the button. You will see that one
row is retrieved as expected.
Try typing '0123' as the table name and press the button. You will see that no
row is retrieved.

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