[Mono-bugs] [Bug 608758] Blogengine on Mono/Win fails to run properly

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Tue May 25 14:46:56 EDT 2010



--- Comment #2 from Jonathan Pobst <jpobst at novell.com> 2010-05-25 18:46:55 UTC ---
Yeah, this is an xsp on windows issue I've seen plenty of times before.  You
can run xsp by yourself on the BE directory to see it's not related to

I thought I filed a bug for this, but maybe in the end I just decided it was
related to 582827.

April 7th 2010

[16:49] <jpobst> gonzalo: does this look familiar: http://pastebin.com/F30ynkpZ
[16:49] <jpobst> i get it a lot on xsp/windows/2.6.3, but i can't repro it on
[16:50] <grendel> jpobst: a user filed a bug regarding this, I haven't had time
to look at it yet though
[16:52] <jpobst> grendel: ok, i see that, i'll cc myself on it, thanks
[16:53] <jpobst> as it impacts monovs
[16:54] <grendel> jpobst: when is the next monovs release?
[16:55] <jpobst> we're just starting to QA 2.0 now, hopefully to release in
early june
[16:55] <gonzalo> jpobst, yes
[16:55] <grendel> I'll try to fix it asap
[16:55] <gonzalo> but it's harmless
[16:56] <jpobst> it crashes xsp
[16:56] <jpobst> which hurts a bit  ;)
[16:56] <gonzalo> oh
[16:56] <gonzalo> try compiling xsp from mono-2-6/trunk
[16:56] <gonzalo> and use the Mono.WebServer.dll from that
[16:56] <grendel> gonzalo: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=582827

[17:15] <jpobst> i get the error less frequently on trunk
[17:15] <jpobst> it still has issues where it sometimes returns the wrong
content, like an image when i ask for a page
[17:15] <jpobst> and xsp doesn't crash now, it just outputs the error and goes
[17:17] <jpobst> oh, nm, it still crashes on occasion

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