[Mono-bugs] [Bug 549419] Debugger doesn't stop on break point added while debugging in BlogEngine

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Tue May 11 16:58:36 EDT 2010



--- Comment #5 from Martin Baulig <martin at novell.com> 2010-05-11 20:58:35 UTC ---
Ok, I've added some debugging output to SDB and I think I figured out what's
going on there.

That's when we insert the first breakpoint on Page_Load():

[dbg] Received command EVENT_REQUEST(1), id=2219.
[dbg] Setting breakpoint at _Default:Page_Load (object,System.EventArgs):0x1.
[dbg]   method = 0x14046b8, bp = 0x14829f0, domain = 0x7f9fd933ddb0

a bit later, we actually hit that breakpoint:

[dbg] Inserted breakpoint at _Default:Page_Load (object,System.EventArgs):0x1.
[dbg]   method = 0x14046b8, bp = 0x14829f0, domain = 0x7f9fd933db68
[0x7f9fd60e0910] Breakpoint hit, method=Page_Load, offset=0x3e.

Note that it's a different domain, but that doesn't matter because the
breakpoint was added to the pending list, so it's inserted once Page_Load() is

Then we try to insert the second breakpoint:

[dbg] Received command EVENT_REQUEST(1), id=2906.
[dbg] Setting breakpoint at _Default:Page_Load (object,System.EventArgs):0x23.
[dbg]   method = 0x14046b8, bp = 0x11f0bf0, domain = 0x7f9fd933ddb0

Here, it's the first domain again - which is not the domain in which the method
was JITed - so we don't set the breakpoint in that method, only in future
versions of it.

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