[Mono-bugs] [Bug 590436] mmap failure in System.GC.Internal.Collect() on Xen - x86-64

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--- Comment #2 from Forest Rouse <rouse at voleon.com> 2010-03-30 20:15:12 UTC ---
I am having the same problem.  There are about 1 million records that I have to
read from about 6000 files per day.  The application grows to around 2GB until
the records are sorted and written out to a new file.  I then process the next

I get the same error as above after running a variable number of days.

The OS is SuSE 11.2 and the linux kernel version is

The Mono version I am running is from Oct 24 2009.

My question is there anyway to work around the problem without having to
rebuild mono using the above patch or do I have to bit the bullet and build my
own version?

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