[Mono-bugs] [Bug 589940] Mono JIT invokes invalid vtable method on MeeGo

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--- Comment #6 from Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> 2010-03-20 00:47:54 UTC ---
Ok, some amateur decided to optimize the code in memcmp for SSE3 instructions
and it turns out that memcmp is returning zero, even when it should not.  

The issue is basically that our code tries to share the new computed vtable
with our parent vtable.   We do this in class.c:3904 in method

    /* Try to share the vtable with our parent. */
    if (class->parent && (class->parent->vtable_size == class->vtable_size) &&
(memcmp (class->parent->vtable, vtable, sizeof (gpointer) * class->vtable_size)
== 0)) {
        mono_memory_barrier ();
        class->vtable = class->parent->vtable;
    } else {
        MonoMethod **tmp = mono_image_alloc0 (class->image, sizeof (gpointer) *
        memcpy (tmp, vtable,  sizeof (gpointer) * class->vtable_size);
        mono_memory_barrier ();
        class->vtable = tmp;

And the super-fast SSE3 implementation is so incredibly brilliantly fast, it
returns 0 even when the two vtables are different, we end up sharing the vtable
with the parent.

Replacing this with a professional K&R C-based implementation of memcmp makes
the code work.   Of course, god knows how much other stuff will be subtly
broken by this.

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