[Mono-bugs] [Bug 609109] [Regression] Incoming tablular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocal stream is incorrect.

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--- Comment #9 from scott fluto <srfcanada at hotmail.com> 2010-06-24 18:51:56 UTC ---
Im still working on it but I think I found one problem that might be related to
the other problems. Can you try it where one of the fields is a null c# field.
ie. for one of the string  command parameters set it like this:

Parameter.Value = "\0";

we were setting this value to a special null character to get around another
mono issue where an empty string would end up being saved as null in the
database. If I changed this to a different character then at least some of the
failed tests are now passing , Im just verifying the others. Can you try this
and see if there is a problem have one of the parameters set to this. It worked
in mono 2.4 but not after so Im not sure what changed that would have effected
this but let me know if this causes a problem for you too.

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