[Mono-bugs] [Bug 570859] DateTime.ToString(String, IFormatProvider) spells Russian months' names incorrectly

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--- Comment #5 from Konstantin Geist <casteg at mail.ru> 2010-06-23 13:58:21 UTC ---
I've tracked down the source of problem.

They autogenerate tables from http://unicode.org/Public/cldr/1.7.0/core.zip

In that archive, see ./common/main/ru.xml at lines 1019-1031:
    <monthWidth type="wide">
        <month type="1">января</month>
        <month type="2">февраля</month>
        <month type="3">марта</month>
        <month type="4">апреля</month>
        <month type="5">мая</month>
        <month type="6">июня</month>
        <month type="7">июля</month>
        <month type="8">августа</month>
        <month type="9">сентября</month>
        <month type="10">октября</month>
        <month type="11">ноября</month>
        <month type="12">декабря</month>

It's in here! It's {calendar type="gregorian", monthContext type="format",
monthWidth type="wide"}, BUT mono uses {calendar type="gregorian", monthContext
type="stand-alone", monthWidth type="wide"}.

So, for some reason for Russian, mono uses "stand-alone" instead of "format".
Ukrainian is in ./common/main/uk.xml at 1059. It's layout is absolute the same,
and mono uses "format", as it should.

The tool that parses the archive is broken?

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