[Mono-bugs] [Bug 570859] DateTime.ToString(String, IFormatProvider) spells Russian months' names incorrectly

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--- Comment #1 from Konstantin Geist <casteg at mail.ru> 2010-06-22 19:43:13 UTC ---
Reprodicible with mono 2.4.4/Ubuntu 10.04 and mono 2.6.4/WinXP SP3

I'd like to make it a bit clearer for those who don't know Russian: mono uses
the nominative grammatical case (the form we see in dictionaries) and MS. NET
uses the genitive case (which is correct) .
And what is interesting, I tried Ukrainian culture ("uk-UA"), which has the
same grammatical rules (nominative as in "December is cold" but genitive as in
"1-st December"), and it works fine on both mono/Windows and mono/Linux (i.e.
it uses genitive instead of broken nominative):

01 березня 2010
01 квітня 2010
01 травня 2010
01 червня 2010
01 липня 2010
01 серпня 2010
01 вересня 2010
01 жовтня 2010
01 листопада 2010
01 грудня 2010

If mono would have been broken on Ukrainian culture, it would have written "01
Березень 2010", "01 Квiтень 2010" etc. but it doesn't, i.e. its behavior is
surprisingly correct.

All in all, this is where the buggy difference lies. It'd be nice to compare
the code (databases?) for these two cultures (since they are applied the same
rules). I would be happy to revise it myself, however I have no idea where to

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