[Mono-bugs] [Bug 614605] Invalid IL code exception

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Wed Jun 16 00:26:40 EDT 2010



--- Comment #1 from Michael Hutchinson <mhutchinson at novell.com> 2010-06-16 04:26:40 UTC ---
Some more notes -

* It compiles fine with csc.

* I can't get a smaller testcase to exhibit the same issue.

* The issue goes away if I construct the normalBuilder in the place I use it,
instead of a static initializer.

* Static initializers seem to have other issues, for example if I make
normalActions and motions into ViBuilder delegates, with the .Builder method
after the collection initializer (like insertActionBuilder) so that I can then
change line 75 to
ViBuilders.First (normalActions, motions)));
then the delegates passed to First are null.

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