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Kirill Yevstigneev <kyevstig at mfisoft.ru> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Kirill Yevstigneev <kyevstig at mfisoft.ru> 2010-06-01 05:43:55 UTC ---
Hello, Marek

I consider a posobility of upgrade mono to 2.6, but I guess that will not help.

In this file

Method ScriptManager.SetCurrent:

static void SetCurrent (Page page, ScriptManager instance) {
    page.Items [ScriptManagerKey] = instance;
    page.ClientScript.RegisterWebFormClientScript ();

But method RegisterWebFormClientScript is "internal".

In this file

internal void RegisterWebFormClientScript ()
    if (_webFormClientScriptRequired)

    page.RequiresPostBackScript ();
    _webFormClientScriptRequired = true;

The same situation in 2.4.

Now I didn't understand how it can be compiled.

Marek, could explain this fact?

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