[Mono-bugs] [Bug 660424] Problems Deserializing DateTime From MS.NET

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Sat Dec 18 12:50:44 EST 2010



--- Comment #1 from Karsten Fourmont <fourmont at gmx.de> 2010-12-18 17:50:43 UTC ---
Some more digging revealed a proposed fix.

For deserialization:

change in ReadTextOrValue (byte ident, NodeInfo node, bool canSkip)
  node.TypedValue = new DateTime (source.Reader.ReadInt64 ());
  node.TypedValue = DateTime.FromBinary (source.Reader.ReadInt64 ());

and for serialization change in XmlBinaryDictionaryWriter.cs 

void WriteValueContent (DateTime value)
   writer.Write (value.Ticks);
void WriteValueContent (DateTime value)
   writer.Write (value.ToBinary());

However I can't say wheter this kind of "tick only serialization" occurs
anywhere else in Mono. should be changed there, too

Sorry for not providing proper patch. I'm new to git.

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