[Mono-bugs] [Bug 592878] [Regression] Reflector- no longer runs on Mono-2.6.3

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--- Comment #13 from Marc Christensen <mchristensen at novell.com> 2010-12-17 21:52:30 UTC ---
Bisect status.

As per Miguel's direction, I bisected the code between mono-2.4.3 and mono-2.6,
only replacing the Managed.Windows.Forms code each time to try to isolate the
fact that it is/is not Winforms.

I did this using a mono-2.4.3 installed in /tmp/mono and the mono-2.4.3 source
code in /data/git/test.  This is a known working version of mono so, if it's
windows forms, replacing just that code and compiling System.Windows.Forms.dll
and installing it in /tmp/mono should show the issue.

I did this by doing the following for each bisect:

# Prep
cd /data/git/mono/mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms     #location of my mono repo
git checkout-index -a -f --prefix=/data/git/test/

# Build
cd /data/git/test/mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms
gmcs /codepage:65001  -optimize -d:NET_1_1 -d:NET_2_0 -nowarn:1699 -debug
/noconfig /unsafe /r:mscorlib.dll /r:System.dll /r:System.Xml.dll
/r:System.Drawing.dll /r:Accessibility.dll /r:System.Data.dll /r:Mono.Posix.dll
/r:Mono.WebBrowser @System.Windows.Forms.dll.resources -debug
-nowarn:618,612,809 /r:System.Configuration.dll -target:library

# Install
sn -q -R ../../class/lib/net_2_0/System.Windows.Forms.dll
gacutil -i ../../class/lib/net_2_0/System.Windows.Forms.dll -gacdir

# Test (in a mono environment that points to the /tmp/mono installation:
rm "/home/marc/.local/share/Red Gate/.NET Reflector 6/Reflector.cfg"
cd /home/marc/Downloads/reflector
mono ./Reflector.exe

##### Result: All bisect versions pass.

I then swapped the installed/source mono with mono-2.6 in /tmp/mono and
/data/git/test and did the exact same thing. The very first bisect (which
succeeded before) failed. Same System.Windows.Forms.dll that passed on 2.4.3
fails on mono-2.6. Which means that it's not window's form but rather some
other part of mono that has broken Reflector.

So, I think this really will take full bisects of mono to find where it broke.

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