[Mono-bugs] [Bug 582732] DataSet method WriteXml fails when DataColumn has extended properties and MaxLength property is set. ReadXml does not read extended properties also.

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Thu Dec 9 20:25:30 EST 2010



--- Comment #6 from Frank Hao <frank.hao at frontrange.com> 2010-12-10 01:25:29 UTC ---
I tested the fix on DataSet.ReadXml().  I got all the extended properties for
DataSet, DataTable, and DataColumn from MS System.Data 4.0 on a Wcf server to
iPhone by Mono System.Data 2.8 beta.

However, I found a related issue when I merge the DataSet to the local one.
Microsoft System.Data 4.0 DataSet.Merge() merges all the extended properties
for DataSet, DataTable, and DataColumn. While the beta only merges the extended
properties for DataTable, but not DataColumn and DataSet. The attached file is
a modification of early one to verify the merge of extended properties.

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