[Mono-bugs] [Bug 658249] DataTable GetChanges() or AcceptChanges() causes a timeout

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Wed Dec 8 11:36:26 EST 2010



--- Comment #4 from Aldo Prinzi <aldo.prinzi at docubox.it> 2010-12-08 16:36:26 UTC ---
We works only on c#/.net 2.0

I think this can be a important issue because if you want to persist a
datatable in xml and you don't want to see changes, you need to use

At this moment this problem affects not only performances but the functionality
of out application, because the timeout sometimes occurs after hours (istead of
a few seconds) to have statement completed.

Then I have removed any AcceptChanges() statement in our program and now our
software will produce biggest xml persistent files but it can work.

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