[Mono-bugs] [Bug 536593] MCS cannot compile field assignment to class with multiple fields with the same name

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--- Comment #5 from Len Trigg <len at netvalue.net.nz> 2010-08-30 03:26:44 UTC ---
This code compiles and runs under csc, but mono (I am using 2.4.3) cannot
compile it, failing with the same error message as this bug. In this case we do
not have two Fields, but one property and one method.

using System;

public abstract class Foo {
  public abstract long Length {get;}

public abstract class Bar : Foo {
  public override long Length {get{ return 1;}}

public abstract class Baz : Bar {
  public new abstract long Length();

public class B1 : Baz {
  public override long Length() { return 2;}

public class Test
  public static void Something(Baz baz) {
    Console.WriteLine("Length method: " +  baz.Length());
    Console.WriteLine("Length property: " +  ((Bar)baz).Length);

  static void Main() {
    Something(new B1());

In our case Foo is System.IO.Stream, and Bar and Baz are classes in a third
party library.

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