[Mono-bugs] [Bug 597556] HttpWebRequest doesn't ignore chunk-extension in chunked encoding

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--- Comment #2 from Brian Luczkiewicz <brian at sooloos.com> 2010-04-17 20:01:33 UTC ---
I did until I fixed the server. I don't have anything I could easily package up
and give you, but constructing a test case for this code should be fairly
simple, especially if you test ChunkStream in isolation.

In this case, the server was actually sending an empty chunk extension (e.g.
"01A;\r\n"). This was a historical mistake made a few years ago in the http
server implementation, but I didn't notice until mono broke because chrome,
firefox, ie, safari, curl, wget, and ms.net all handled it properly.

The server was being weird for sure, and sending spurious chunk extensions is
silly, but it wasn't violating the protocol.

This is obviously not at all urgent, but being compliant with http/1.1 and
consistent with other widely used http client implementations is probably a
worthwhile goal for mono.

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