[Mono-bugs] [Bug 595613] RemotingException when accessing members of System.Object on a remote object marshaled via an interface.

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--- Comment #1 from seamus casey <mono-dev at seamuscasey.com> 2010-04-12 10:20:55 EDT ---
I just realized that somebody might question why one would need to call
ToString() on a remote object...a reasonable question...

In my case (which the test code attached couldn't possibly demonstrate), I have
some class libraries that perform automatic discovery/failover/load-balancing
of remoted objects.  As part of this, a generic, custom proxy is used on the
client-side.  Internal to the proxy, is an automatic 'ping' mechanism.  Since
the proxy is generic, I had to choose a method is *always* present to use to
for verifying that the connection to the server is still valid - ToString()
seemed like the best choice.

I also realize, that as a workaround, I could change the server marshaling to
the following:
// null for last parameter means don't restrict the members exposed
RemotingServices.Marshal( server, ServerUri, null ); 
..but that would allow all public server members, including Dispose(), being
exposed to the client...not really an option.

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