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--- Comment #16 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com> 2010-04-09 13:47:15 UTC ---
I'll freely admit to not understanding half these comments...

But with respect to the patch in Comment #13, the patch is wrong, for two

1. syslog(3) documents that "the  two  character  sequence  %m will be replaced
by the error message string strerror(errno)."  With the above patch, syslog(3)
will never see the %m, and thus users won't be able to use this documented

2. The Mono.Unix.Native.Syscall.syslog(...,string) overloads go to great
efforts to ensure that only valid data is passed to syslog(3).  For example:

    public static int syslog (SyslogLevel level, string message)
        int _level = NativeConvert.FromSyslogLevel (level);
        return sys_syslog (_level, GetSyslogMessage (message));

    private static string GetSyslogMessage (string message)
        return UnixMarshal.EscapeFormatString (message, new char[]{'m'});

UnixMarshal.EscapeFormatString(), in turn, will only allow "%m" through
unchanged.  Anything else (like "%s") will be escape the '%' (e.g. with "%%s").

The exception to this are the syslog(..., params object[]) overloads, e.g.:

    [Obsolete ("Not necessarily portable due to cdecl restrictions.\n" +
            "Use syslog(SyslogLevel, string) instead.")]
    public static int syslog (SyslogLevel level, string format, 
            params object[] parameters)
        int _level = NativeConvert.FromSyslogLevel (level);

        object[] _parameters = new object[checked(parameters.Length+2)];
        _parameters [0] = _level;
        _parameters [1] = format;
        Array.Copy (parameters, 0, _parameters, 2, parameters.Length);
        return (int) XPrintfFunctions.syslog (_parameters);

This invokes Mono_Posix_Syscall_syslog2(), which is a varargs wrapper for
vsyslog(3) (and thus is expected to get additional arguments on the stack).  If
the developer screws this up, it's their problem.

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