[Mono-bugs] [Bug 591225] Problem when using Reflection.Emit to create a class derived from an abstract class containing a Generic property

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Thu Apr 8 21:50:14 EDT 2010



--- Comment #2 from Rodrigo Kumpera <rkumpera at novell.com> 2010-04-09 01:50:13 UTC ---
The issue here is much simpler:

AssemblyName assemblyName = new AssemblyName ("a");
AssemblyBuilder ass = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly
(assemblyName, AssemblyBuilderAccess.RunAndSave);
var mb = ass.DefineDynamicModule ("a.dll");

var tb = mb.DefineType ("Base");
tb.DefineGenericParameters ("F");

var inst = tb.MakeGenericType (typeof (int));
var tb2 = mb.DefineType ("Child", TypeAttributes.Public, inst);

tb.CreateType ();
tb2.CreateType ();

When tb2.CreateType() is called, it tried to define a default constructor,
which requires the parent GetConstructor() to work, which is only possible for
finished types.

The issue is that we don't resolve the SRE type into its concrete type.

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