[Mono-bugs] [Bug 535790] Directory writability cannot be toggled in MonoVS-0.3.3771 (0.3 final)

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--- Comment #2 from Marc Christensen <mchristensen at novell.com>  2009-09-10 11:19:49 MDT ---
Great, but this only addresses web programs.  We need to be able to also set
the user and group manually as well.  Depending on the type of program and who
needs to access it or it's files, sometimes, the owner or group also need to be
changed.  The default should probably be root, root or in the case of a web
app, wwwrun, however, the apache user may change over distros and change over
time.  In the past, there has been an httpd user for the web server.  Currently
on suse, it *is* wwwrun.

One possible example of setting permissions on a file with a dialog can be
found using the gnome desktop file browser.  Open up your home folder using the
file browser and right click on a file to get the drop down menu.  click on the
permissions tab.  Do this for both files and directories to see the difference.

A shortcoming of this dialog does not allow for ownership change which would be
nesasery in our case.

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