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--- Comment #9 from Lluis Sanchez <lluis at novell.com>  2009-10-29 17:33:29 MDT ---
I did read your comment, but it didn't make much sense to me. If you are going
to use Activator.GetObject() you don't need to register the type using
RegisterWellKnownClientType or using the xml file you provided, because in the
GetObject() call you already have to provide the type and the url, that is you
have to do:

Activator.GetObject (typeof(DBService.IDbServiceFactory),

This obviously requires the DBService assembly to be present.

RegisterWellKnownClientType (or the xml of the example) is required if you want
to create a client proxy using 'new', that is (assuming that IDbServiceFactory
is NOT an interface, which it seems to be):

DBService.IDbServiceFactory s = new DBService.IDbServiceFactory ();

In which case the remoting infrastructure will match the type with the
registered well known client entry. This also requires the DBService assembly
to be present.

So I'm a bit lost about what you are trying to do. In whatever case, you will
need DBService to be in the client, because the calls must be made through a
proxy implementing that type. It is true that MS.NET doesn't crash when reading
that configuration while Mono does crash, but it is also true that this
configuration file is useless if the DBService assembly is not available.

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