[Mono-bugs] [Bug 549948] TypeReference::Namespace is wrong for nested types

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--- Comment #2 from Frank Laub <frank.laub at gmail.com>  2009-10-26 12:01:12 MDT ---
According to ECMA-335, section "Nested Types":

"The names of nested types are scoped by their enclosing type, not their
assembly (only top-level types are scoped by their assembly)."

I appreciate that the metadata might not be serialized that way, but using
reflection on a nested type yields a namespace that matches the enclosing type.
I can understand having the lower-level Mono.Cecil.Metadata properties match
closely to the serialized data, but the higher-level Mono.Cecil interface
should be close to what developers need for writing decompilers or static
analysis tools. Currently I have to write extensions in order to patch
Mono.Cecil's misbehavior.

On a related note, if the namespace is not serialized in the metadata, why do
you provide a setter for this property on a nested type?

Would providing a patch help you or will this still be ignored?

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