[Mono-bugs] [Bug 545873] Runtime aborts with "** ERROR **: VAR 2 (TConstructorArg) cannot be expanded..." Suspected due to generics

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--- Comment #9 from Andrew Rondeau <novel at andrewrondeau.com>  2009-10-23 13:27:50 MDT ---
Ok, my code is available for download at

Please don't redistribute this.  Yes, it's LGPL, but there's a couple of sanity
checks that I want to do before it's put up for download by the general public.

To reproduce (Linux / Mac recommended):

- Open Trunk\Server\ObjectCloud.sln  (Use MonoDevelop on *nix, Visual Studio on

- Switch to *Debug* mode.  (As you'll eventually see, the crash occurs in code
that's #ifdefed into the Debug version)

- Build the "ObjectCloud" project.  (If things act up, try building
ObjectCloud.CodeGenerator first)

- Open a shell and go to Trunk\Server\ObjectCloud\bin\Debug

- Run "mono ObjectCloud.exe".  You'll see a bunch of noise from Spring, and
eventually a "Server is waiting for a new connection at http://[your ip]:1080"

- Push control-C to stop the server.

- Now go back to MonoDevelop or Visual Studio

- Go to the ObjectCloud.ORM.DataAccess.SQLite project

- Open SQLiteConnectorBase.cs and go to line 90 and replace the code with:
                   BlockingCallerStacktrace = Environment.StackTrace;
                    BlockingCallerThreadName = Thread.CurrentThread.Name;

- Comment out the IsMono property (line 64)

- Rebuild the ObjectCloud project

- Go back to the shell and run "mono ObjectCloud.exe"

- Observe that there's a nasty mono crash

Can't reproduce?  Make sure you're building the Debug version.  I only call
Environment.StackTrace in the Debug version as a way of diagnosing who's
blocking a semaphore.

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